Employee Directory

Name Position
Freda Gorman Municipal Clerk, Notary Public, Board of Health Secretary, Clean Communities Coordinator, Registrar, Recycling Coordinator
Elizabeth A. MacLennan Deputy Municipal Clerk, Technical Assistant to the Construction Official (TACO), Joint Land Use Board Secretary, Zoning Secretary, Notary Public, Deputy Registrar
Jeffrey Elsasser Tax Collector & Tax Search Official
Neil Snyder Tax Assessor
Karen Baldino CMFO
Harry Case Construction Official, Zoning Officer, Building Subcode Official, Electrical Subcode Official
James Ingling Code Enforcement Official, Fire Marshall/Rental Inspector, Burlco JIF Fund Commissioner, Safety Officer, Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator
Donald Cottrell Emergency Management Coordinator
Paul Hardifer Fire Subcode Official, Plumbing Subcode Official
Josh MacLennan Maintenance Department
David Smith Maintenance Department
NJ Animal Control LLC Animal Control Officer


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